Renovation process

The process of old car renovation is very long and toilsome. Not everyone has enough time and so many chances to control the progress of our work up to date. We realise that turning a wreck into a complete car which looks as if it has just left the assembly line is not only an interesting but also fascinating process, that is worth getting to know more about, particularly if it concerns our beloved machine.

After finishing renovating tasks every client is given a book with a detailed photo gallery of work which was done.




The bodywork disassembly is the activity which is very complicated and time-consuming. Each car,  even the simplest one, consists of thousands of elements. All of these elements, over the years and through exploitation, run the risk of various breakdowns, corrosions and even damage. Taking into consideration the fact that we even work on museum objects, each of thousands of elements requires a proper attention and approach.

The disassembly needs to be done carefully. Each part has to be properly demounted and after restoration it must be fit for reassembly. We start restoration from making the initial list of shortcomings. (It has hardly ever happened to get completely good cars.) Next, we proceed to the right disassembly. First, all the car details such as chromed trims, glazing, padding etc. must be removed.


While most of parts is already sorted and described in detail, we proceed to separate the frame from the bodywork. We take off the body from the frame, which allows access to the drive system.


All elements of the car get to proper workrooms and essential parts are being found, which means that the renovation has started. The adventure, which sometimes takes many years, is already opened. When coming to the end it brings the piece from the former epoch back to life.

*Unfortunately, the description above is very general. It is because of the fact of the variety of constructions in which we specialise.

For all works we give a

2-year guarantee

with no kilometre limit